Leanne-Shelton-How-I-WorkWhat’s involved in the copywriting process?


If you haven’t worked with a copywriter / content marketer before, you’re probably a bit uncertain about it all.

Never fear! I have some answers for you.

Every copywriter works a bit differently, but here’s a breakdown of my process:


1. Chat


I like to kick off the process by having a phone conversation to discuss your requirements and expectations. It’s also important for building a connection – or find out very quickly if we’re not the right fit for each other.

If I’m unable to meet your needs or deadlines, I’m always happy to refer you onto other amazing copywriters who can assist. (Us copywriters are more like cousins, than competitors!)


2. Quote


I’ll then prepare a quote based on our chat within 48 hours, including my Terms & Conditions. If you supplied me with a budget via the initial chat, I’ll do my best to work around it.


3. Brief & Invoice (First 50%)


If you’re eager to proceed (yay!), I’ll send over an invoice for an upfront 50% instalment and a copywriting brief.

The brief will give me a clear picture of what your business is about, target audience, tone of voice etc. It helps me ‘get inside your head’ (in a completely non-creepy way) and write the copy as though you’d written it yourself!

Please note: The work won’t be scheduled in until both payment and brief have been received. 


4. Agreement


In most instances, I’ll send over a copywriting agreement based on your brief and our chats to check we’re all on the same page. This includes an estimated timeline based on my schedule and your deadlines.

Once signed, I’ll know we’ll all good to go with the copywriting!



5. First Draft & Invoice (Remaining 50%)


I’ll prepare a first draft in either Google Docs or in Word – depending on your preference. I like Google Docs myself, as it means we’re always looking at the same version (with no confusion!).

When it comes to website copy, I usually send one page as a starting point – just to check you’re happy with the tone and language before rolling it out across the other pages. Feedback via ‘suggested’ or ‘tracked’ changes are much appreciated.

When the first full draft is provided, I’ll send over the invoice for the remaining 50% (due 7 days later). All amendments from now on are complimentary.


6. Amendments


After your feedback is provided, I’ll make further amendments (up to three free rounds of amendments are included in the quote, including proofreading). Then continues until everyone is satisfied with the final product.



7. Sign Off & Testimonial


When everything is done, it’s time for sign-off! This basic document ensures both parties have agreed the project is done and dusted.

Afterwards, I’d love for you to write me a testimonial/review on Google and Facebook.




So that’s how I work. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.