Books to read when juggling a baby and businessbusinessbooks

There are two books in my office library that have provided fantastic guidance upon starting my own content marketing business.

If you’re a ‘mumpreneur’ and about to start your own business or about to transition to a life juggling a business and a baby and/or toddler, you might wish to check out the publications below.*

How to create your own successful & profitable business from home

– By Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner (Ausmumpreneur)

Upon starting my business journey, I checked out the AusMumpreneur website for guidance and tried out one of their free online courses so I had some idea of what to do and which direction to take. I then learnt about their recently published book, which contains an assortment of advice from already-established Australian ‘mumpreneurs’.

Upon receiving my own copy, I went a bit ‘underline crazy’ (remember the days at school when you were taught NOT to write or draw in books? I still feel a bit naughty doing it…) with all of the highly valuable information. So I reckon that you’ll probably find this publication useful too. Print and e-book versions are available.

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Business and Baby at Home – A Set-Up and Survival Guide for Mums

– By Sarah O’Bryan

I had the privilege of attending a networking evening where Sarah was guest speaking (if you haven’t found yourself a local networking group, make sure you get onto it!). I picked up her fantastic book while I was there – signed of course!

I wasn’t pregnant at the time, but we were thinking about trying for our second child – and I was a bit worried about what that would mean for my business since I totally love what I do.

This book quickly put me at ease as I learnt about tips and tricks that Sarah and other business-people have taken to make everything work to get that beautiful work/life balance.

Are you a mumpreneur and have a highly influential or inspiring business book in your bookcase? Please comment below. I’d love to hear about it!

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*I just want to add the disclaimer that I haven’t been compensated in any form to endorse these books – even though I have met one of the authors!