How to create a healthier home

Are you trying to make better choices when it comes to your family’s health and the planet?

Maybe you’ve thought about switching to more natural household cleaning and hair products – and eliminating the excessive use of plastic.

The thing is – you have no idea where to start.

In today’s episode, Larissa Wright from Wholistic Wellness Hub is sharing some tips on how to live a low-tox lifestyle – so you can start nurturing a healthier and happier home environment.


• What does low-tox actually mean?
• Why did you decide to go down the low-tox path?
• How has it benefitted you – and how can it benefit others?
• How can someone start living a low-tox lifestyle?
• Are there particular products they should be using?
• How can essential oils be incorporated?


Larissa is a mum to four children, including 2 on the autism spectrum, and has a background in primary teaching with a focus on special education. She completed her masters degree in education and special education and has a passion for seeing little minds grow.

After being a stay at home mum for 10 years, she felt hugely disillusioned when she returned to teaching. Being someone who seeks joy in what she does, she no longer felt connected with the education system and classroom teaching. So she left.

Since then, Larissa has built her Young Living and raindrop technique businesses to incorporate natural health and wellness. Her aim is to help mums stress less and seek more natural solutions to improve their health. In particular, she has a strong interest in living the low tox lifestyle, eating well, and mindset grounding.


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