Learn to master your busy life

Everyone has heard about this elusive thing called a work/life balance.
And we all strive to achieve it.

Especially when we have a partner, caring responsibilities, household duties, and a business.

And somehow, throughout all of that, we’re meant to find time for ourselves as well. Is that even possible?!

Today, I’m chatting with Barbara Holmes from Managing Work/Life Balance to tell you it IS possible. But your idea of ‘balance’ could look very different to someone else’s.

And that’s okay.

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed and constantly pulled this way and that, never knowing what to prioritise and when, this episode is for you.

Let’s jump in and get started!


Barbara has over 25 years’ experience as a Human Resources Consultant, specialising in Organisational Change and Employee Involvement programs. She is the owner and Director of Managing Work|Life Balance International which she established in 1990 – one of the first work/life consultancies in Australia.

Her career has spanned several continents, working originally in the UK, then in the Asia Pacific Region (including Singapore and India) and subsequently here in Australia and New Zealand.

The main body of Barbara’s work involves providing consulting advice and expertise for clients in both the public and private sector who wish to develop and implement sustainable work/life/flexibility strategies. She also offers individual counselling on work/life/wellbeing for small business leaders who face the ongoing challenges of coping with often conflicting responsibilities.


Website – https://www.worklifebalance.com.au
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ManagingWorkLifeBalanceInternational/
Email – mail@www.worklifebalance.com.au
Phone – 0418 298 169


• Tell us a bit about you, your business journey, and what you do
• What’s your definition of a work/life balance? What does it look like?
• Right now, finding a distinctive work/life balance is a bit tricky due to working remotely. What are your thoughts on the current situation?
• What are some of the stressors involved when it comes to managing a business, juggling caring responsibilities, and having time to ourselves?
• What’s the impact on our health if we don’t manage these areas effectively?
• How can we rediscover and enforce this balance?
• How do you manage your health & wellness?
• How can people connect with you?