How to optimise your email marketing

While we send and receive emails on a frequent day-to-day basis, many of us see this form of virtual communication as an admin tool – not a marketing tool.

With a fear of coming across ‘too salesy’, especially for Australians, the art of sending quality, personalised marketing emails is often overlooked.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the emails you personally receive – and don’t want to clutter up your clients’ inboxes.

However, those who want to connect with you, will want to hear from you.

If they’re already a customer or have expressed interest in your products and services in the past, then they’re probably eager to learn more about you and be kept in the loop around promotions and updates.

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Jennifer Gale from Pink Hat Digital on the power of email marketing. We cover the basics and benefits of set and forget email automation – so you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business, while your emails make an impact on those receiving them.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the episode!



  • Why is email a vital part of an effective marketing strategy?
    • What mistakes do business owners make when it comes to sending client emails?
    • What is email automation and what are the benefits?
    • Could you please provide some examples of the type of content to include in an email automation?
    • I know you’re a fan of MailChimp – is it suitable for beginners and why?
    • What are your tips for setting up someone’s first automation?


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As a multi-channel digital strategist, Jennifer creates actionable digital plans that work best for individual businesses and appeals to their customers.

Jennifer is passionate about human psychology and understanding why people make purchase decisions. She’s worked with hundreds of business owners to create strong marketing funnels that transform their business from good to great.

This includes everything from creating a membership platform to a high converting lead magnet with automated email nurture sequences.


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