Are you making the right life choices?

Like usual, I have a question to ask you.
And I want you to be honest with yourself here.

Can you say, without a hint of doubt, that you’re living your best life? Or you’re at least on the right path?

Or are you actually feeling misaligned – and you’re currently doing one thing, but deep down your heart desires something else? Something bigger, better, and beyond your current circumstances?

Today’s episode of Marketing and Me kicks off a month of mental health-related episodes in recognition of Mental Health Month.
I’m chatting with Josh Belinfante from Finesilver Media – who’s a filmmaker, photographer and also happens to be my cousin!

Josh has an inspirational story to share – and it all started with a major health scare when he was in his early 20s. It was the catalyst that made him reflect on his life choices. Did he really want to become a solicitor – or was he actually meant to be a filmmaker?

Let’s jump into the episode to find out!



• In ‘The world’s best film’, it’s not just about documenting people all over the world who claim to be the best in their unique fields. You also talk about your own personal journey into filmmaking. Could you please share that a bit more?
• When you made the decision to jump into filmmaking, how did you feel?
• Apart from the career change, do you live your life differently since your health scare? How do you take care of your physical and mental health?
• What do the words ‘Being your best’ mean to you?
• What are your personal tips to listeners wanting to live their best life?


Joshua Belinfante is a filmmaker & photographer who founded Finesilver Media in 2018.
However, he’s actually been self-producing short films, music videos and stop motion animations since 2008.
Over the years, Josh has crewed on numerous feature films and TV shows in Australia and abroad for networks such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 9 & SBS.
He’s also had films exhibited in Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe and has won numerous awards for his work.
When he’s not involved with the filmmaking side, you can find Josh teaching technical workshops at NIDA, University of Technology Sydney (‘UTS’), ‘Sydney Film School’, plus others.
Today, we’ll be touching upon his debut feature documentary ‘The World’s Best Film’ which had preview screenings at Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and Perth Revelation Film Festival and will soon screen internationally.

Instagram – @finesilvermedia
Instagram – @theworldsbestfilm
Twitter – @jdbelinfante

Check out the screening at GRIFF in South Africa until October 10th –