Understanding Dyslexia


Are you someone that struggles with Dyslexia?

Or maybe you work with someone who does?

Or maybe it’s looking like your child has the condition?

It’s interesting to note that one in five people have Dyslexia – but it continues to be misunderstood. Being Dyslexic doesn’t make the person stupid. However, when society tells you that you are, over and over again, throughout your schooling and work life, you can’t help but believe it.

The truth is – people with Dyslexia see the world differently.

Yes, they may struggle to read and write – but their varied, outside the box, way of thinking actually presents many more opportunities than restrictions.

Today, I’m chatting with Yogita Ridgley from ‘Travelling with me, myself, and I’ on the topic. As a confident woman and successful business owner, she is living proof of what can be achieved when neurodiversity is embraced. Our conversation completely opened my mind on Dyslexia. And I’m sure it will have a similar impact on you.

Let’s jump in!





Yogita Ridgley is a successful businesswoman, CEO and Founder of “Traveling with Me, Myself and I”, which offers Personal and Business Development services.

Yogita wears a few different hats. She’s a Solo Travel Specialist, Personal Development Strategist, an award winning international Speaker, and also an author and blogger, with over a decade of solo traveling experience.

Yogita was featured by one of the Australian Magazine’s as a Female Changer Maker, Finalist of an Innovative business Award and Leadership Award.
She is an Advocate for Mental Health & Wellbeing and Dyslexia awareness.

Yogita’s mission is to get every woman to play the role of “ME” without mask or pretence. And her vision is helping women to unleash the power of THE AUTHENTIC SELF through personal development.


Website – https://travelingwithmemyselfandi.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/yogita_ridgley/
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