Painting positivity over cancer

For so many of us, our lives have been touched by cancer in some shape or form.

For me personally, I’ve had grandparents go through it – as well as my father, Garry Belinfante.

Dad was my inspiration behind my recent experiences with the Stars of Western Sydney fundraising dance performance. And you can check out the show notes for a link to our very entertaining dance together when I hit the $3000 fundraising milestone!

Anyway, I’ve really admired how positive Dad has remained over the past 5 years – and that he’s reconnected with his love of painting.
It’s something that was ironically lost during his many years as a visual arts teacher!

So today I’m bringing my Dad onto the show to wrap up this month’s theme of ‘Empowering Stories’.
While we don’t delve into Dad’s cancer journey during the interview, I’ve also included a link in the show notes to the video of him recently sharing his story.

So yes, there’s lots to check out in the show notes today!

But for now, let’s dance our way into the episode.





Garry Belinfante trained as a visual arts teacher at Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education and the National Art School from 1974 to 1977.

He majored in painting and was mentored by artists such as Alex Butler, Roy Jackson, Ross Jackson, David Voigt, and Terry O’Donnell.

Garry taught as a teacher, then Creative Arts Head Teacher over a 37 year period, before retiring in 2015.

Since being diagnosed with cancer back in 2017, Garry has been determined to remain positive. During Covid and during lockdown, his art has certainly evolved to include a more mature and somewhat more playful use of colour.



• Could you please share more about your artistic journey?

• What do you love about painting? Why is it your favourite medium?

• How would you describe the experience of teaching visual arts to students? Any memorable encounters to share?

• You started getting back into painting after retiring, but you’ve definitely done a lot more since getting cancer and throughout Covid. Your walls at home are completely covered! What made you get back into it and how has painting helped you in recent years?



Leanne’s dance with Dad –

Dad’s cancer journey