Including your values in your marketing strategy

When it comes to marketing your business, there’s a list of elements to consider.

Who are you speaking with?
What are the best channels to utilise for promotion?And how frequently do you need to communicate?

But if you delve deeper into your marketing strategy, you’ll realise there’s so much more involved.

Like ethics, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Who will you choose to work with? Which brands match your values?
Are you keeping the environment in mind when developing direct mail campaigns or packaging your items?
And does your promotional messaging include your whole audience – or are you isolating some via a poor choice of words?

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Lara Chrystal from Matchstick Marketing about these aspects and more. I loved this interview, which became a beautiful blend of Lara’s marketing tips and her personal mental health journey.

Without further ado, let’s get started!




Lara has worked in marketing and events for more than fifteen years, working across markets within the UK, APAC, EU, North American, and Southeast Asian regions. She has worked with both big and small brands in industries spanning music, disability, e-commerce, hospitality, sport, tech, and more.

In early 2019, Lara founded Matchstick Marketing, an independent agency dedicated to assisting small brands through digital marketing and live event solutions. In mid 2020, Lara wrote and published ‘Make Your Sh*t Look Good’ – a marketing book designed specifically for creative small brands. In a relatable and engaging format, ‘Make Your Sh*t Look Good’ helps brands navigate marketing best practice post 2020.

Lara is dedicated to shifting the way the marketing industry operates, focusing on driving brand ethics and environmental sustainability. She lives and works on Gadigal Land.



• Could you please share more about your business journey?
• Today’s topic is called ‘Ethical, sustainable, and inclusive marketing’. Could you please break-down what each of those elements mean when it comes to marketing?
• Why is it important to take this approach to marketing in this day and age?
• How do you implement this way of thinking in your marketing campaigns? Could you please share some examples?
• Tell us more about your book, ‘Make your shit look good’. What was the inspiration behind it and what’s it all about?

And then I always ask the following:

• Which marketing method works best for your business?
• How do you take care of your health and wellness?
• How can people connect with you?



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