Empowering yourself and others through words

As a copywriter and content marketing trainer, I use words all the time.

I use the written form to communicate messages for my clients and for myself.

I use the verbal form to teach new information.

And there’s another form as well. That inner dialogue that’s happening continuously in my mind.

Today’s episode is all about using empowering words.

That is – watching the words you use with others as well as the words you say internally. All of these words affect your overall sense of self.

This isn’t a heavily scripted episode, but I felt inspired to share my thoughts with you. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Instagram if anything in particular resonates with you.

Let’s get started!




Throughout her career, Leanne Shelton has gained vast experience in journalism, marketing, communications, events, and B2B sales. She has worked in both corporate and not-for-profit roles, but since starting Write Time Marketing in 2014, Leanne has found her true calling.

A self-proclaimed English nerd at heart, Leanne is extremely passionate about the written word and loves working with Health & Wellness business owners to prepare effective content marketing strategies to best suit their target audiences. Even though she has dabbled in all forms of copywriting, Leanne specialises in business blogging as she loves the capacity to form ongoing relationships with her clients.

While some business owners choose to outsource their blogs to Leanne to write, others prefer to take the DIY approach and learn about the art via training opportunities online, face-to-face, and her podcast ‘Marketing & Me’.

Outside the office, Leanne enjoys dancing, reading, listening to inspiring podcasts, and spending quality time with her husband and two young daughters.



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The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer – https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-surrender-experiment-michael-a-singer/ebook/9781473621480.html



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