Introducing the Marketing & Me Community!

You’re invited to join my free networking group in Baulkham Hills, Sydney


Have you ever felt completely empowered after mingling with like-minded individuals at a networking event?


I know I have.

And I’ve built some fantastic connections along the way with people who have supported my goals and become friends – as well as a fantastic referral network.

I launched the Marketing & Me Community in November 2018 with the aim of creating a relaxed space to encourage these interactions further.

I arrange friendly, educated, and inspirational guest speakers every month – who share their knowledge on something related to business or self-development.

It’s completely free to join (but I encourage you to bring some money or credit card for coffee/tea and/or breakfast) without obligations or scary commitments.

It’s just a space to meet up, share our goals and progress, learn from one another, become inspired and empowered, and build strong relationships.

Find out more and register here.