Introducing – the Digital VIPS* Membership

(Visibility. Influence. Promote. Sell)


Hello there!


Are you:

  • Highly motivated when it comes to marketing your business, but feel overwhelmed?

  • Lacking in clarity and direction, but don’t have the courage to ‘show up’ online?

  • Ready to add value to the world and spread your message, but unsure of the right marketing methods for you?

That’s where the Digital VIPS membership group comes in.

I help health and wellness entrepreneurs, plus brands (and anyone else who digs my vibe…) find the courage within to step up and show up to attract the right clients through content marketing.

Alongside a supportive community on the same journey as you, we’ll focus on:

  • creating an effective content marketing strategy (including your website, blogs, social media, podcasts, webinars, e-books etc)
  • improving your online presence
  • uncovering your client’s pain points
  • pinpointing your niche and key offerings
  • attracting the right clients
  • finding ways to improve your productivity

Plus more!


Get ready for two different types of transformation.

– Increase your knowledge about practical marketing tools suitable for your business

– Improve your belief systems and mindset about what you CAN achieve.

Who is it for?

Perfect for start up business owners and those who want to learn how to attract more customers via various marketing channels.


So what do you get?


The Digital VIPS membership includes:


  • Monthly themes around marketing and business growth, such as podcasting, lead magnets, branding, PR, mentorship, chatbots, YouTube, and more.
  • Masterclasses run by marketing + branding experts (plus me!)
  • Group coaching calls
  • Discounts on upcoming courses and events
  • A community of like-minded business owners who’ll have your back – keeping you inspired and accountable by offering advice and sharing your wins/lessons
  • A buddy system, involving a match up with someone to call or email when you need additional support.
  • Opportunity to receive free feedback on a piece of content each month. (One person per month)
  • Opportunity to be featured as a sponsor on the Marketing & Me podcast.


All of this – for only $57 + GST per month.


And that price will remain the same for you, forever. 😉


The virtual doors are only open for a limited time. And this low-rate won’t be around for much longer.

So register today!

And if it’s not for you? That’s totally fine. You’re not locked into anything. You can cancel at anytime with one month’s notice.




What people are saying…


Here’s some beautiful feedback I recently received about the membership –

“I’m honestly thankful to you because you’re just keeping us on track.

Because it’s kind of a lonely journey for a start-up, and the best thing that could have happened in the last three months, I would say, is your program…..You’re delivering advice through energy and positivity, and you’re putting in tons of effort….

I must say, you’re always online in Facebook and you’re very well reachable. That gives me a lot of confidence that I’m with a great professional with whom I can build my business and my future.….There are very few people in the market who are genuine, who have knowledge, who have the drive to deliver something. So that’s what I like about you.”

– Sorav


Having attended Leanne’s workshops, I took up the offer to join her ‘VIP Digital Group’. Her workshops are packed with so much valuable information for small businesses. I like Leanne’s easy-going and relatable style. Leanne brings experts in other areas of expertise to add value to the group.

Her focus is on providing the best for the VIP Digital members. I also enjoy being part of a group where we can share ideas with one another. VIP Digital is one of the best groups I have come across for small business coaching.

– Soraya