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The Marketing & Me Podcast is hosted by Leanne Shelton – Health and Wellness Copywriter and Content Coach.

If you’re eager to grow your Health and Wellness business via effective marketing methods – while maintaining your OWN health and wellness at the same time – this podcast is for you!

Featuring a blend of solo and guest speaking episodes, get ready to be inspired with marketing and business development tips, as well as learn about the various health and self-care options out there.


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Ep93 – Brett Jarman: Wearing two hats – The health care practitioner and the business person

Living as a health care practitioner and a business person

Are you currently ‘doing it all’ in your health and wellness business?

Are you meeting with clients – face to face or virtually – as well as doing all the bookkeeping, marketing, and administration?

If your answer is yes – and you feel like you’re on the verge of burnout – it makes sense.

Because starting up a business doesn’t just mean serving your clients in the best possible way. There are so many other elements involved; things you don’t usually consider when you’re an employee.

Today, I’m chatting with Brett Jarman about the different hats you wear as a health care practitioner and business owner. And he has some great tips to share to ensure your day-to-day runs smoothly.

Let’s jump in!

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Ep92 – Leanne Shelton: Managing Imposter Syndrome

Ways to cope with Imposter Syndrome

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not good enough or you don’t belong – then you’ve probably been haunted by Imposter Syndrome.

It’s especially common among people who are intelligent, successful, and in a position of authority.

And yes, that often includes business owners.

Some of the common causes include: low self-esteem, perfectionism, fear of failure, lack of confidence in skills or abilities.

But the most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone.

In today’s episode, I’ll uncover what this ‘syndrome’ is all about. And what you can do whenever it rears its ugly head – and puts you at risk of not taking action.

Let’s jump in!

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Ep91 – Lucy Orton: The impact of radical self kindness

Self kindness towards your best possible self

While facials and massages are nice, sometimes they’re nothing more than a band-aid solution.

Because self-care is one thing.
But radical self kindness is another.

It’s all about managing those little gremlins in your mind that stop you from being your best possible self. And not constantly striving to do more, give more, and put yourself last. Or self-sabotaging your own success.

You deserve to put yourself first.
And you deserve to have a successful health and wellness business.

Today, I’m chatting with Lucy Orton about this concept of radical self-kindness. And it’s a great episode to tune into if you’re feeling a bit down.

So let’s jump in!

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Ep90 – Sarah Makris: How to increase your professional VALUE (and be in demand)

Increasing your visibility and professional value

How are you building your personal brand and business profile right now?

Are you hiding in a corner and hoping your minimal SEO efforts will help potential clients stumble across your website?

Or are you taking a more proactive approach – and putting yourself out there to increase your visibility?

Today, I’m chatting with success coach, Sarah Makris, who believes in the latter. We discuss the ways to increase your professional value and make others keen to seek you out and work with you.

It all comes down to increasing those touchpoints.
Without further ado, let’s jump in!

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Ep89 – Leanne Shelton: How to write a media release

Reaching people outside your network via media releases

Do you have an exciting program or event launch you’d love to share with the world?

Or maybe you or someone you know has reached an important milestone or experienced an exciting achievement in their business?

Sure, you can promote it across your socials and e-newsletter.

But if you want people outside your network to hear the news, you need it picked up by a journalist.
And that’s where media releases come in.

I’ve been writing a bunch of these lately, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain how to write a media release that makes an impact.

Let’s jump in!

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Ep88 – Lara Chrystal: Ethical, sustainable, and inclusive marketing

Including your values in your marketing strategy

When it comes to marketing your business, there’s a list of elements to consider.

Who are you speaking with?
What are the best channels to utilise for promotion? And how frequently do you need to communicate?

But if you delve deeper into your marketing strategy, you’ll realise there’s so much more involved.

Like ethics, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Who will you choose to work with? Which brands match your values?
Are you keeping the environment in mind when developing direct mail campaigns or packaging your items?
And does your promotional messaging include your whole audience – or are you isolating some via a poor choice of words?

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Lara Chrystal from Matchstick Marketing about these aspects and more. I loved this interview, which became a beautiful blend of Lara’s marketing tips and her personal mental health journey.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Ep87 – Melanie Colling: How to pitch yourself to podcast hosts

Pitching yourself as a podcast guest

Have you ever thought about being a podcast guest?

Or maybe you’ve been thinking about starting your own show, but would like to tip your toe in the water first?
Being featured on podcasts is a fantastic way to build your authority, brand, and sense of trust with your target market.

It gives listeners the opportunity to hear from and learn about the humans behind the business – making them more likely to choose you over your competitors.

In today’s episode of Marketing & Me, I’m chatting with Melanie Colling from Experts on Air about how to pitch yourself to podcast hosts and prepare for the interview itself.

Trust me, the whole process isn’t as scary or overwhelming as you might think.

So turn up the volume – and we’ll get started!

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Ep86 – Marissa Pogrebizhsky: Self Care through Skin Care

Feel and look healthy inside and out

On the Marketing & Me podcast, we often talk about mental health, mindset, and general wellbeing.

But I realised there’s one area that hasn’t been addressed yet.

Skin care.

And I’m not talking about unnecessary cosmetic beauty treatments here.

I’m talking about taking care of the largest organ in your body – and the body’s first line of defense against germs and other harmful agents.

It’s important to take care of your skin, because healthy skin will give you a better appearance and make you feel confident.

So who should I talk to about this topic? Beauty therapist, and my little sister, Marissa Pogrebizhsky!

She shares some great tips – especially around skin issues caused by wearing masks.

Are you ready to go skin deep? Let’s get started!

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Ep84 – Matt Alderton: Scaling your business – despite adversity

Winning over challenges in life and business

Have you got big aspirations for your business – but life continues to throw curveballs your way?

And just when things seem to look up – you get thrown down again?

Well, you have a choice.
You can either give up and set up camp in that deep, dark pit you’ve found yourself in.
Or you can keep your chin up, focus on the limitless starry sky above, and find ways to keep going.

On today’s show, I’m speaking with founder of Bx Networking, Matt Alderton, who has experienced lots of adversity in the past – during both recent times and in previous businesses. During our chat, Matt shares a very personal example of overcoming a major challenge in his life – yet continued to push on through and become the very successful entrepreneur he is today.

So if you’re struggling right now – but have big dreams – this episode is for you!

Let’s jump in.

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Ep83 – Leanne Shelton: Using empowering words for yourself and others

Empowering yourself and others through words

As a copywriter and content marketing trainer, I use words all the time.

I use the written form to communicate messages for my clients and for myself.

I use the verbal form to teach new information.

And there’s another form as well. That inner dialogue that’s happening continuously in my mind.

Today’s episode is all about using empowering words.

That is – watching the words you use with others as well as the words you say internally. All of these words affect your overall sense of self.

This isn’t a heavily scripted episode, but I felt inspired to share my thoughts with you. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Instagram if anything in particular resonates with you.

Let’s get started!

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Ep82 – Carmel Finnan: Replacing ‘noise’ with interactive dialogue

Transforming ‘talking’ into ‘communicating’

When sharing your business story, when trying to promote your services and products, are you actually connecting with the pain points of your niche?

Are you communicating with them? Or just talking AT them?

Story is all about connecting and building relationships.
So it shouldn’t just be a monologue.

You need to think about who is listening – and adjust your messaging so they feel their needs are being heard.

Want to learn more about this concept? Then get ready for today’s episode with Carmel Finnan. I think you’ll find it really interesting!

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Ep81 – Scarlett Clark: Overcoming anxiety to build a thriving business

Overcoming anxiety to thrive in your dream business

Whether you experience moments of panic or have full blown anxiety attacks, you’re not alone.

As business owners, we’re often under a lot of pressure to do our best, be our best self, and get the best results.
And because of this, we sometimes feel overwhelmed with our to-do lists and expectations of others.

But for now – I want you to forget about all of those pressures.
Because today I’m chatting with UK Entrepreneur and founder of the Smart Girl Tribe, Scarlett V Clark. And she’s going to talk us through how to prevent anxiety from occurring and embrace our fears – so we can build the thriving business of our dreams.

And yes, I’m saying ‘us’ and ‘we’ here – because I experience anxiety too.

Let’s jump into the episode!

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Ep 80 – Georgia Bamber: How to master your time – and make it work for you

Tips on making better use of your time

Do any of the following phrases sound familiar to you?

“I just don’t have enough time!”

“I’m so busy at the moment.”

“We’re gonna be late!”

If yes, you probably have an issue with time management. And if you’re juggling a business and family life, it’s completely understandable if you do.

Today, I’m chatting with certified life coach, Georgia Bamber, about mastering time. She shares some handy action tips and mindset changes that you can start implementing right now.

Let’s jump in!

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Ep 79 – Hiam Sakakini: The difference between good and great managers

How to be a great team leader in business

Would you consider yourself to be a good manager?

Or even a great manager?

Or are you about to recruit staff and become an instant overnight leader?

If you want to ensure high efficiency and a thriving, supportive environment within your team, you need to be more than just an expert in your field.
You need to know what your team needs from you.

And you need to be human.

Today, I’m chatting with Hiam Sakakini who’s providing some amazing insight and succinct tips around what makes a great manager.

Let’s jump in!

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Ep 78 – Mohit Ks: The importance of social media outreach

Building relationship with customers through social media

If you’re like me, you probably HATE those salesy LinkedIn messages that hit your inbox the moment you agree to connect.

However, there is a RIGHT way to do social media outreach.

You just need to commit to making it an ongoing part of your marketing strategy – as, in the words of the famous Pantene Shampoo ad – it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Yes – it can be a slow process, but it’s all about building the relationship first. And the sale will follow.

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Mohit Ks who has discovered social media outreach methods that really work.

It’s a juicy episode and I know you’re going to get a lot from it.

Let’s dive in!

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Ep 77 – Janeen Vosper: Perfecting your pitch

Getting your message and impact across

I have 2 words for you – elevator pitch.
If you’ve ever networked before, those words might leave you quivering in your ugg boots.

Or you might smile from ear to ear knowing you’ve totally got this.

Regardless of how you feel about it – being able to summarise what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for, is essential information that EVERY health and wellness business owner needs to communicate with ease.

But so many of us struggle with it.
And that means potentially losing a key opportunity to get our key message and impact across.

Because when you nail it, people pay attention. And that could lead to a new client or a new trustworthy referral partner for continuous ongoing work.

Today, I’m chatting with Janeen Vosper who has some fantastic advice to share on the topic. Including what to do – and what not to do.

And without further ado, let’s jump in!

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Ep 76 – Kathryn Hume: Blending wellbeing and learning for improved performance

Taking care of your wellbeing to improve your performance

Whether it’s structured or unstructured, we’re learning every day.

But we absorb new information soo much better when we’re in the right headspace.
That means we can’t be stressed.
And we need to be in the best environment.

We also need to be interested in the topic and then implement new learnings in order to create new neural pathways – and make the information stick.
Still wondering why you need to take care of your wellbeing to improve your performance?

Then you need to hear today’s episode with Kathryn Hume. With over 20 years’ experience in HR, she knows what business owners and teams need to excel.

Let’s get started!

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