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 The Marketing & Me Podcast is hosted by Leanne Shelton – Health and Wellness Content Coach and Copywriter.


If you’re eager to grow your Health and Wellness business via effective marketing methods – while maintaining your

OWN health and wellness at the same time – this podcast is for you!


Featuring a blend of solo and guest speaking episodes, get ready to be inspired with marketing and business

development tips, as well as learn about the various health and self-care options out there.









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Ep13 – Kalli Fardoulis :Turning your business into a holistic practice


Ep13 : Kalli Fardoulis: Turning your business into a holistic practice


Finding a healthier way to run your business


Have you ever thought about taking a more natural and low tox approach to your business?

Even if that meant flipping everything on its head – and reformatting your work#space, services, and products?

Well, that’s exactly what hairdresser, Kalli Fardoulis, did.

Due to fertility issues, she had already started to detox her personal life. But then – after seeing positive results – she decided to detox her business life as well.

In today’s episode, Kalli shares her very personal journey from being a woman stressed and battling infertility issues – to becoming a thriving and much healthier businesswoman who now offers hair solutions to women challenging cancer or their own infertility.

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Ep12 – Leanne Shelton: Learn to love LinkedIn

Ep12: Leanne Shelton: Learn to Love LinkedIn

Approach LinkedIn the right way

Are you out of the LinkedIn loop?
Maybe you’re unsure how it all works. Or see it as another time-waster.

If you’re assuming the platform is predominately for job hunters and recruiters, you’re mistaken.
Yes, it was once. But it’s become so much more.

With nearly 675 million members across 200 countries and regions, LinkedIn now plays a key part in building an online social media presence for businesses big and small.
It’s also considered one of the most powerful platforms for B2B – and more than two new professionals sign up every second.

At the time of this recording, we’re in the midst of the Coronavirus.
Fears are high. Certainty is low.

Business might be quieter than usual for you.

And your networking events and conferences have been cancelled.
So now is the perfect time to jump onto LinkedIn and discover ways it can help continue and build momentum in your business.

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EP11 – Kate Toon: 7 easy-to-digest tips for healthy SEO

Ep11: Kate Toon: 7 easy-to-digest tips for healthy SEO:

Simple tips to kick start your SEO

We all want our businesses to succeed.
And we all want to be found in Google.

To make those things happen, you need healthy Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO.You’re probably familiar with the term, but you might be unfamiliar with the best actions to improve your online visibility.

In today’s episode, SEO expert, Kate Toon, shares 7 easy tips you can start implementing in your business ASAP.She’s a fellow copywriter and my mentor and I’m honoured to have her on the show!

So if improving your SEO is currently sitting untouched on your to-do pile, then keep listening for some gold nuggets of advice.

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Ep10: Lisa Kniebe: The secrets behind successful online course creation

Tips for creating online courses

Do you currently have one on one clients and a strong word of mouth reputation?
Do you have a growing online presence?
And are you open to investing time to build a long term passive income strategy?

If yes, then creating an online course could be the perfect next step for your business.

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Lisa Kniebe, the launch success coach about getting an online course off the ground. We’re covering the steps involved, ways to structure it, platforms to utilise, and how to grow your audience.

There is so much juicy content – and I know you’re going to love this episode.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

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EP9- Leanne Shelton: 5 memorable autobiographies

Episode 9: Leanne Shelton: 5 memorable autobiographies

Become inspired today with these unforgettable autobiographies

As a writer, I’ve always loved reading. Well, I assume the two always go hand in hand – but I could be wrong!
 I enjoy the escapism.
 I enjoy the entertainment.
And I enjoy the education.
I hope you enjoyed Episode 8 where I spoke about ‘5 books that changed my mindset.’ And if you haven’t listened to it yet, I recommend going back and listening to it after this episode.
As a follow up – today, I wanted to share ‘5 memorable autobiographies’ that I’ve read over the past 12 months. I love reading about inspiring journeys and learnings experienced by people I admire or consider to be successful.
Autobiographies highlight the authenticity and vulnerability of the author. And I love getting that insight into their world and thoughts.
Every book has made an impact on me in some shape or form – and I look forward to sharing some highlights with you in this episode.


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