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The Marketing & Me Podcast is hosted by Leanne Shelton – Health and Wellness Copywriter and Content Coach.

If you’re eager to grow your Health and Wellness business via effective marketing methods – while maintaining your OWN health and wellness at the same time – this podcast is for you!

Featuring a blend of solo and guest speaking episodes, get ready to be inspired with marketing and business development tips, as well as learn about the various health and self-care options out there.

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Ep60 – Darren Saul: Podcasting for brand-building

Promoting yourself through podcast

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast – but wonder if it’s all worth the effort?

Or maybe you’re super eager to get onboard – but feel there are already so many talented people out there with podcasts, who are all talking about the same stuff as you, and you don’t feel like you have any further value to add to the world?
If that’s the case, stop that limited thinking right now!

As mentioned in previous episodes, I’ve had such an amazing experience in my podcasting journey so far – and there are heaps of people, just like you, listening to my show every day. Even though there are a heap of other marketing podcasts out there.

Today, I’m chatting with podcast coach, Darren Saul from Suspended Animation, who has a long list of podcasting benefits to share and objections to overrule. So if you’ve ever had even a fleeting thought about starting a podcast, this episode is for you!

Let’s get started!

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Ep59 – Sarah Erwin – Putting YOU first

Why prioritising yourself is important

Do you put yourself first in life?

Or do you feel selfish even contemplating that question?

In reality, it’s actually very important to respect yourself enough to take care of your own needs first.

Because only then can you be happy and thrive in your own life.

It also allows you to be fully present for others and avoid burnout – which doesn’t just have a negative impact on you, but also those around you.

Yes, even your loved ones – who you thought you were helping by making them your number 1 priority in the first place!

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Sarah Erwin from High Esteem Coaching, who enforces the importance of charging our own batteries, putting on our own breathing mask first, and all those other metaphors to ensure we’re being kind to ourselves and maintaining a strong sense of self.

Let’s jump into the episode!

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Ep58 – Gemma Lumicisi: How to find your writing voice

Guide to finding your brand voice

Do you have a clear, consistent brand voice?

And do you have a tone of voice document to refer to when writing your content and emails?

Or are you thinking, Leanne, what the hell are you on about?!

If this is a new topic for you, then I’m pumped to bring you this interview with Gemma Lumicisi from Contently Driven.
She’s a fellow copywriter and absolutely loves this stuff.

And she has a very fun and playful process when it comes to putting all together.

Get your pen and paper ready. Let’s jump in!

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Ep57 – Joe Bellissimo: Building connections via collaborations

The power of working with others to grow your business

Have you ever considered collaborating with another business owner?

You know – someone who offers services or products that complement yours – and help make your offering even stronger.
But where do you find these dream collaboration partners?

And how do you know they’re the right fit?

Today I’m chatting with Joe Bellissimo from Grow Masterminds about utilising the power of collaborations to grow your business.

Let’s jump on into the episode!

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Ep56 – Leanne Shelton: Podcast Year in Review

Recap of Marketing & Me’s Podcast Journey

So here we are – at the end of 2020. What a year, huh?

While it hasn’t been a full year since I started this podcast – as that’s another month away – I thought this was the perfect time of year to reflect on my podcasting journey.

Yes, I thought I was so knowledgeable back in April 2020 when I recorded Episode 17 – How to Start a Podcast.

And I guess I did know some stuff back then.

But 56 episodes in, I’ve learnt heaps more, which I thought I’d share with you now. I’ll throw in some highlights from past guests as well.

Let’s get into it!

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Ep55 – Clayton Navarro – Experience the freedom of outsourcing offshore

Find the extra hours in your day with an offshore VA

Have you ever wished you could duplicate yourself – or add more hours to your day – just so you could get everything done?

Or are you sick of doing all those little annoying, yet important, admin tasks, like bookkeeping, answering emails, or creating social media posts?

If you answered yes to either question, or maybe both, then outsourcing to an offshore VA is something you might want to consider.

Today, I’m chatting with Clayton Navarro from VA World Outsourcing about how you can create freedom in your day by employing a part-time or full-time virtual assistant.

I recently started experiencing that freedom – and I’m having a great time working with my new part-time virtual marketing. Yes, we’re actually a team now!

So if you’ve considered going down the same path – and ever wondered what’s involved in the process – you’re gonna love this episode.

Let’s get started!

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Ep54 – Estelle Coombe-Heath – How to manage comfort eating during uncertainty

Setting healthy eating habits that work for you

Do you find yourself regularly sneaking to the pantry to help yourself to yet another chocolate? Or maybe you’re always craving salty snacks?

Either way – are you grabbing them because you’re hungry? Or are you actually seeking comfort?

During stressful and uncertain times, many people resort to comfort eating. Which results in guilt and shame. Which can then have a negative impact on their mindset and how they perceive food.

In today’s episode of Marketing and Me, I’m chatting with Estelle Coombe-Heath from Wholesome Lifestyle Project about triggers and signs to look out for. Because breaking the comfort eating habit IS possible.

So put that chocolate biscuit away – yes I’m talking to you – step out into the fresh air, and enjoy this episode!

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Ep53 – Louise Hallinan: Strategies to improve your brain health

Managing memory loss issues – before it’s too late

Do you ever find yourself forgetting things?

Or maybe you’ve noticed your partner, parent, or grandparent has started repeating themself or showing other signs of potential memory loss or dementia.

In society, a dementia diagnosis is often seen as the beginning of the end. A hopeless situation that will just lead to a person slowly declining in health and memory more and more, before the person they once were has completely disappeared.

But what if I told you these memory issues could actually be dealt with? And that maybe it’s not dementia at all – but a B12 deficiency?

Today, I’m chatting with Louise Hallinan from the Smart Brain Health Centre who has some very interesting insight to share about improving our brain health.

Some of this information will surprise you.
Let’s jump into this mind-opening episode.

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Ep52 – Lynda Dyer: The powerful benefits of detoxing your mind and body

Tips for cleansing your mind and body

How often do you detox?

Or how often do you think about detoxing…and then don’t?

As someone with food intolerences, who also has a full-on lifestyle of work, family, and self-care, it’s something I personally need to do. But it just never happens.

But after my interview with Lynda Dyer from Mind Power Global, I am determined to give this detoxing thing a real crack.
If you’re unsure about the healthy ways to detox or unsure about the benefits – this episode is for you.

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Ep51 – Bec Derrington: PR and publicity on a shoestring budget

How to build your own brand awareness

How do you feel about public relations AKA PR and creating your own publicity?

You know – putting yourself out there as an expert in your field so journalists know who to come to for quotes and insight around trending topics.

You might be feeling a bit of uncertainty around this area – and I don’t blame you.
Many of us hate self-promotion and don’t like the idea of being pushy or annoying to busy journalists who are tackling the fast-paced news world.

But the thing is – you’re doing yourself and everyone else a disservice if you’re not putting yourself out there. And not promoting your programs, events, and expertise.

It’s time to turn all of that around.

In today’s episode of Marketing & Me, I’m chatting with Bec Derrington – the founder of the free PR platform, Sourcebottle – about the best ways to build your status.

And you’re in for a big treat!

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Ep50 – Leanne Shelton: Creating an engaging and effective website

Getting the response you desire from your website

Are you happy with your current website – or does it need a major overhaul?

If your business has been through big changes lately – I mean whose business hasn’t? – it’s probably a good time to take another look at it and ensure the content still reflects what everything looks like now.

And the direction you’re now heading in. As I record this episode, I’m about to start re-jigging my own website for this exact reason. I’ll let you all know when it goes live!

And I’m sure there are listeners out there who still don’t have a website – for various reasons.

Today, I’m sharing 5 key tips that I believe every engaging and effective website should have. These tips have been extracted from my Website Boosters Bootcamp – which is a course that will soon be available to purchase from my website.

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Ep49 – Perry Papast: Sales Strategy 101: Key tips for closing the sale

How to seal the deal with potential clients

Do the words ‘sales’ and ‘selling’ send cold shivers down your spine?

If they do, you’re not alone.

Many business owners, especially in Australia, have a fear of coming across as too salesy or pushy when it comes to closing a deal.
I think It’s because we personally hate being sold to….when we’re not interested.

But the important thing to remember is that we’re all interested in buying when we see the value in something.

So if you have an amazing solution available via treatments, products, consultations, programs, webinars, and more – you have a good reason to sell!

But what does selling look like in 2020?

Today, I’m chatting with Perry Papast from Automation Traffic who has some valuable tips around selling and turning potential customers into happy paying clients.

It’s time to stop freaking out over the selling process – and tune into this episode!

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Ep48 – Kate Merryweather: How to create an accountability buddy system

Understanding the power of effective collaboration

How do you keep yourself accountable for your goals and dreams?

You could write them down in your journal or on a whiteboard – and look at them regularly.

You could tell the world – because you know it will be embarrassing to admit you didn’t achieve them.
Another way to keep yourself accountable is to have an accountability buddy.

What’s that, Leanne? I’m glad you asked!

An accountability buddy is someone you keep in touch with to share your aspirations, ask for advice, celebrate wins, and support your failures – or learnings as I like to call them.

In some cases, they might be a mentor. In others, like mine, they could be someone on a similar playing field who just ‘gets you’ and everything you go through as a small business owner.

My amazing accountability buddy is also a fellow copywriter – and I’m so excited to have Kate Merryweather on the show today.

For almost a year, we’ve chatted on a fortnightly basis and developed a supportive and enjoyable friendship – despite living in 2 different states and only ever seeing each other face-to-face once!

Today, we wanted to share with you some tips around setting up your own accountability buddy system – well, system is a very loose term here – and make those goals and dreams come true.

Rather than the usual interview style, Kate and I are kinda co-hosting this episode – and she’s asking me some questions as well.

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Ep47 – Lucy Wang: Strengthening connections via brand building

What type of experience is your business providing?


Do you think your business has a strong brand?

And no – I’m not just talking about your logo and colours here.

I’m talking about everything including your core values, functional and emotional benefits, market segmentation, tone of voice, style, and team culture.
Oh and the logo and colours as well, of course.

So yeah – there are just a few elements that go into your business brand.

Today on the Marketing and Me podcast, I’m chatting with Lucy Wang about the brand building process. There’s a lot to think about here and I recommend having your notepad and pen ready.

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Ep46 – Cindy Shames: Building a business with a positive mindset

Attitude is everything as a business owner

If you’ve been listening to my podcast for a little while – or know me in person – you’d know I’m a positive person.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have struggles and low days.
But it does mean I’m constantly looking for that silver lining.
And I recognise it might be hard to see it during those dark minutes, hours, or days – but I know it’s there, just waiting to be discovered.
Then when I do find it – and it’s always there – I try to reflect back on the experience and appreciate that everything happened for a reason.

I know first hand the importance of having a healthy and positive mindset – especially as a business owner. And that’s why I wanted to create this mental health-related podcast series in October – in recognition of Mental Health Month.

I want my clients and contacts to be the best version of themselves. And it fills me with so much joy when others are doing the things they love and smashing their goals.

Today, I’m chatting with Cindy Shames – who feels the same way as me. This is probably one of the reasons why we get along so well – and why she became a results coach.

We’re talking about building a business with a positive mindset and I know you’ll love her energy and advice. We could have talked for hours on this topic!

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Ep45 – Katie Moriarty: Creating abundance by ‘doing’ less and working from a true flow state

How to live a purposeful life – without the stress

Do you ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel – working long hours, but still not getting anywhere?
And you do it because hard work equals lots of money, right?

But no – not necessarily.

Today, I’m chatting with Katie Moriarty about creating abundance by doing less and working from a true flow state.

In other words – attracting abundance in all aspects of your life, in regards to your money, your happiness, your health, and your family and friends –
and achieving it all with minimal energy, effort, and time.

Katie is an example of someone achieving exactly this – working only 5-10 hours per week and living an abundant life. I personally have a lot to learn from her!

You don’t have to burn the candle at both ends and be forced to put your business ahead of you and your family.
You don’t have to park your mental health at the station while you ride the train to success. Your success should be driven by a healthy mental state.
This episode is part of my mental health-related series in recognition of Mental Health Month.

If you’re only seeing darkness right now, I want you to know that the lightness is just up ahead. If you need further support, please reach out to wonderful organisations like Lifeline, Beyond Blue, or the Black Dog Institute. You deserve to be happy.

Let’s drive into the episode!

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Ep44 – Leanne Shelton: Turning lemons into lemonade in 2020

How positive thinking helped me thrive in 2020

As a business owner, having a positive mindset is absolutely essential if you want to be successful.
But 2020 has thrown us all a massive curveball. Okay – that’s probably the understatement of the century.
But I’ve found it interesting to see the differing perspectives.
Some people are wishing this year would hurry up and just end already.
But others are having their best year yet.
How would you describe 2020 in a few words or a few sentences?
Personally, I’ve done my best to turn the lemons into lemonade in 2020. And I’m pretty happy with the results.
So I wanted to make this episode a little different to my other solo episodes. Rather than being structured and scripted- eek! – I’m gonna let my thoughts flow and I share my ups and downs with you as my contribution to the Mental Health Month series.
Let’s get started!

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Ep43 – Melissa Wiringi: Create an incredible life with the power of mindset

Learning to control your inner thoughts

Do you give yourself enough opportunities to dream?
You know – think about what YOU really want out of life and not what is just expected of you?

As humans living in the 2020s, most of us feel our lives are mapped out in front of us –
Find a job, tick.
Find a partner, tick.
Start a family, tick.
Support that family through many years of hard work, tick.
And then you can retire and finally start living and doing all those things you’ve always wanted to do….

Sound familiar?
But what if I said you could start moving towards those aspirational dreams today?
To travel and live overseas?
To leave that unsatisfactory or abusive relationship?
To start training in that area you’ve always wanted to upskill in?

In today’s episode of Marketing and Me, I’m chatting with Melissa Wiringi about her personal journey from experiencing domestic violence and feeling there was no way out – to living the life of her dreams.

Without further ado, let’s kick off the episode and hear how Melissa successfully turned her life around.

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Ep 42 – Joshua Belinfante: Living the world’s best life

Are you making the right life choices?

Like usual, I have a question to ask you.
And I want you to be honest with yourself here.

Can you say, without a hint of doubt, that you’re living your best life? Or you’re at least on the right path?

Or are you actually feeling misaligned – and you’re currently doing one thing, but deep down your heart desires something else? Something bigger, better, and beyond your current circumstances?

Today’s episode of Marketing and Me kicks off a month of mental health-related episodes in recognition of Mental Health Month.
I’m chatting with Josh Belinfante from Finesilver Media – who’s a filmmaker, photographer and also happens to be my cousin!

Josh has an inspirational story to share – and it all started with a major health scare when he was in his early 20s. It was the catalyst that made him reflect on his life choices. Did he really want to become a solicitor – or was he actually meant to be a filmmaker?

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Ep41 – Kayne Morrison: Facebook Ad Strategy for Beginners

Increase your business reach on Facebook

Have you played around with Facebook ads yet?
Or, are you like me, and a bit overwhelmed by the whole process?
If you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level and see some rapid conversions, then it’s time to pull out your credit card and explore the world of Facebook advertising.
But where do you start?
In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Kayne Morrison from ‘Why Social’, about how to set up a basic ad strategy. While you may still need to seek expert assistance in this area, you’ll have a much clearer idea of the effort involved and what’s required behind the scenes.

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Ep40 – Rebecca Tos: Crafting a succinct purpose and vision for your business

How to create a living one page business plan

When it comes to your business, can you say, with absolute clarity, what your purpose and vision are?
Like, in one or two sentences?

I know this is an area I personally need to work on after recent rollercoasters and roundabouts in my business.
But after chatting with business and leadership coach, Rebecca Tos, about this topic for today’s episode, I have a much better understanding around the difference between purpose and vision – and the questions I need to ask myself to form a clearer direction for my business.
And I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

Ultimately, the aim of today’s episode is to help you create a one page living business plan to help you reach the levels of success you desire.
So that’s enough from me – let’s delve into my chat with Bec!

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Ep39 – Stephanie Pinto: Using Emotional Intelligence for enhanced work and personal relationships

Master the art of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Are you often snapping at your kids – then feel guilty about it afterwards?
Maybe they never listen to you.

Or are continuously having meltdowns.
Or maybe you’re the one having the meltdown at times?!

In today’s episode of Marketing and Me, I’m chatting with Stephanie Pinto, co-founder of EQ Culture and the Let’s Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids Community on Facebook, about the importance of Emotional Intelligence.

We also cover some strategies for improving the reactions and behaviours within your family.
Because then you can start living in a happier and calmer home environment.

We also cover how Emotional Intelligence can be used in the workplace when you’re leading a team.
Because, after all, being a leader and being a parent isn’t so different!

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Ep38 – Keith Whelan: How to write a successful grant

Your guide to the grant application process

Have you ever applied for a grant?

If you haven’t – is it because you don’t know what grants are available to you?
Or you feel the competition is too great and you have no chance?
Or maybe you feel overwhelmed by the whole application process?

If you have gone for a grant before – whether you secured the funds or not – you’d know the process involves a LOT of reflection, clarity, and strategy when it comes to your business goals and plans for the money if received.

Since the grant application process is an area of so much confusion and overwhelm, today I’m chatting with Keith Whelan, The Grants Guy, to talk us through the basics. He’s an extremely knowledgeable guy when it comes to this topic – so get your notepads and pens ready. You’re going to be blown away by his advice!

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Ep37 – Morry Morgan: Optimising video for brand building and attracting new leads

Using video marketing to grow brand awareness

How are you incorporating video in your marketing strategy?

Maybe you’re doing Facebook Lives?
Or uploading short instructional videos on YouTube?

Or maybe you haven’t gone down that path just yet.

In case you weren’t aware, the importance of video marketing is on the increase.

According to a research conducted by Adobe last year, 48% of consumers were using voice for general web searches. And as technology advances, we’ll start to receive more and more video and audio clips via our Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices in response.

Today, I’m chatting with Morry Morgan, co-founder of The School of Hard Knock Knocks – a stand up comedy school with locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. He has recently invested into the production of the reality TV series “Is this thing on?” as a way to build their brand and attract more customers.

Especially when he works in an industry that many don’t realise exists.

Morry is sharing some interesting insight behind the production process, as well as talking about the power of user-generated video. I know you’re going to love it.

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