Guesting on different podcast series

Aside from hosting my own podcast – Marketing & Me, I also do some guesting with other entrepreneurs and podcasters in their own programs!

So far, here are the appearances I’ve made on other channels (just click on the title to get redirected to the show):



S2 Ep26 Copywriting tips for website copy with Leanne Shelton

by Jane Tweedy
“A Sydney girl all her life, Leanne’s career experience includes journalism, marketing, internal communications, events, and B2B sales in corporate, government, and not-for-profit roles.

With over 15 years of writing and editorial experience, she started Write Time Marketing as a freelance copywriter in 2014. However, the business has developed into so much more.

Watch our episode to learn more about how she expanded her biz!”

Wisdom Wednesday – Content Marketing and/or Copywriting for Web with Leanne Shelton

by Elizabeth Elenor
“Today’s episode we finally feature a guest again! Leanne Shelton of Write Time Marketing is here today to provide copywriting tips for website copy that works.

You might want to take a few notes of things to check afterwards on your own website, or even take Leanne up on her offer especially for FAQ Business Podcast listeners. Leanne talks about headings, keywords, about pages, how much of you to include and much more. She also gives a few insights from things which have worked in her business which is now in it’s 8th year and a great productivity and accountability hack.”


Bonus Episode – [The Story Behind The Story Show by Matteo and Renata] Content Marketing & CopywritingWe 

by Matteo Bruschi and Renata Farah
“Focusing on the health and wellness niche, Leanne now has a team of mid-senior level Australian SEO copywriters who are absolutely awesome at writing content in the online space. She reviewed everything, meaning you get the value of 2 copywriters for every project.

Leanne also provides content marketing one-on-one Power Hours and group training on topics like business blogging, podcasting, webinars, website copy, LinkedIn, and more.”


We Are Women – Ep. 108: Discover the Number 1 Most Effective Marketing Tip

by Janeen Vosper
“Marketing expert and copywriter, Leanne Shelton shares the number 1 most effective marketing strategy in this episode of the We Are Women Podcast”


The Marketing Strategy Show – Ep. 43: Compelling Content Creation

by Kym Heffernan
“In this episode, Kym Heffernan was joined by Leanne Shelton, a self-proclaimed English nerd at heart. Leanne is extremely passionate about the written word and loves working with Health & Wellness business owners to prepare effective content marketing strategies to best suit their target audiences.”


The Real Deal With Shawn Matthews – Ep. 19: Build Your Online Visibility with Leanne Shelton

by Shawn Matthews
“These days, Leanne Shelton offers content marketing strategic advice, training, and copywriting for health and wellness practitioners. She loves empowering her clients to step up and show up more online. Her aim is to help her clients gain more structure and strategy in their business, enabling them to stand out from the crowd and spread their message effectively and efficiently.”


Relaxed and Raunchy Relationships – Ep. 22: Leanne Shelton

by Ingrid Galloway
“In this episode, Leanne Shelton and Ingrid Galloway discussed about how to establish a digital presence, especially because for most entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, they have to do most things themselves.”


Mumstyle Business – Ep. 70: Content Strategy 101 with Leanne Shelton

by Annelise Worn
“In this episode of the Mumstyle Business Podcast, I interviewed Leanne Shelton. Here we talked about what content strategy is, the importance of choosing what works for you and your business and being consistent.
If you’re struggling with visibility and expanding your brand across socials, this episode might just be what you need to fuel your idea bank.”


Playing With Perspective – Ep. 47: With Leanne Shelton

by Darren Saul
“Leanne Shelton joins me to chat about Virtual Networking and how to connect with people in the digital world!”


The Business Behind Your Business Ep 48 – How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business Increase Sales

by Paul Sweeney
“Learn all about how content marketing can help you grow your business. Join Leanne Shelton from Write Time Marketing as she explores these issues.”