Last Tuesday, I attended a local networking event – with another fantastic topic: Search Engine Optimisation. The session was led by one of Sydney’s most well-known copywriters (I’ll get there one day…), Kate Toon! I admit that I was a little bit starstruck – as Kate’s name has popped up frequently during multiple Google searches for copywriting advice, updates, and courses ( So I knew she’d have valuable advice to offer! While I won’t go into all the tips and tricks she spoke about on the evening (you’ll need to check out her courses for that!), I did want to share with you some of my key learnings, which you’ll see below!

6 Basic Steps to SEO Success

  • Having a solid website – Ensure that it’s set up in the right platform (Kate gives WordPress a big tick of approval, but says that the set up of Wix isn’t ideal for SEO…) and make sure your website is easily accessible from computers, mobile devices, and tablets.
  • The right keywords – Think about words that people are searching for while in the purchasing state of mind. The more keywords strung together, the better; then you’re tapping into the right customers.
  • Content – Make sure you have high quality content that’s easy to read and speaks to the customer (Contact me if you need assistance in this area! 😉
  • Links – Try to build links with other websites as much as possible! See below for more info on back-links.
  • Marketing – Make sure you’re creating ongoing content via blogs, and focusing on relationship building to find opportunities for back-links, as well as keeping up with your social media accounts (and sharing links back to your website).
  • Measuring Success – Using Google Analytics (GA), to review what’s working and not working. Setting yourself goals in GA, so you know if you need to fine-tune your keywords!

The Importance of Quality Back-links

Back-links refer to your website links appearing on other websites. And Google loves back-links – the more ‘quality back-links’ that you have, the more likely that you’ll appear in searches. Think of it as recommendations or referrals or a ‘stamp of approval’. If another website mentions you, then your business must be worth checking out! A key way to make this happen is by writing guest blogs for other businesses (and offer to return the favour!) as it will get your business name out there – to both their clients and the wider Google world. 😉 You can also conduct interviews with people and provide testimonials (then your website and business name appear on their website to create a back-link, but you’re also helping them out by giving great feedback. Win-win!)

Another Key Way to Make Google Love You

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve used bold font in this blog entry. While I’ve seen it done before, I didn’t realise just how much Google loves bold content in blogs! It makes it easy for customers to find key phrases when reading a blog, but it also creates search terms for Google to pick up. So give it a go! While I forgot to get a selfie with Kate (bugger!), I did get the chance to chat with her one-on-one, which was very exciting, AND I bought her book. So I might have some more reflections to discuss here soon… Let me know how you go with your SEO! Keep blogging, Leanne 🙂